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Autumn Piano Tuning

DSC02648As summer humidity decreases and the cooler evenings approach, remember to set up your piano tuning with Julia Race Music Services and enjoy your piano to the fullest.

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Get Ready! Get Set! Start Something New!


Hello! To Family and Friends;

Success! At last I’ve discovering the world of blogging.  Look out, everybody! Here I come. I’m so excited about this new opportunity to write and tell you what God is doing as a result of publishing Alaska Beckons, All Things Work Together.  To all of you who have purchased the book via or online at Barnes & Noble, a sincere Thank You!  I’m not quite a starving author, yet, but I am living totally by faith these days.  Truly, FAITH is the experience of a lifetime!  “Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart.”  (2 Corinthians 4:1)

Can you find this exert from Alaska Beckons, All Things Work Together?

The thought of Sarah stirred some homesickness in Leah’s heart.  She missed her sister for her gentle, steady ways; and, even more, she missed…

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Labor Day with family

Girls at PianoYesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful day with Dr. Olin and Mrs. Elsie Race at their newly refurbished home.  The day dawned misty and cool as we traveled westward, but the rain held off until after grandma’s home-cooked prize-winning dinner.  It was great to brainstorm about musical ideas, books, music teaching techniques and tools, and psychology with my aunts and mother, all of whom are teachers.  Harold Street was cheerful with young voices squealing for joy in the arms of their aunts and uncles from “far away”.  Cousins chatted about current interests.  Of course, pictures must be taken as well…those pictures you hope to fondly remember, but also seem to exaggerate your frizzled hair, plump waistline and tired eyes.  Well, maybe someday they will be beloved.  Listening to grandpa’s memories of old times are some of my treasured moments.  His wealth of history about Pennsylvania people, churches, organizations, ideas, politics, and, most of all, his devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, have shaped my own ideas and have helped me see present situations with a perspective more matured than my own.  His guidance is not a pushy, demanding one, but influential, nonetheless.  Both of his sons volunteered to attend Bible college and, finding their life’s purpose, have served as ordained ministers of the Gospel for decades.  His daughter has been devoted to the teaching and promotion of the Lord through uplifting Christian music.  Her joy of teaching shines through her eyes, voice, and face and her students have seen success in their musical endeavors.  It has been a long time since so many parts of the family have united, but even in the face of the long journeys home, we are thankful for the extra efforts we have made to be together.

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