Piano Cleaning

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Julia Race Music Services is pleased to offer free piano cleaning for each tuning.  English: The mechanism of a piano Español: Mec...Grand pianos will also receive a complimentary soundboard cleaning with the purchase of a tuning.

Dust most frequently builds up in the lower cases of vertical pianos.  Spider webs, mold, and dust can be an annoyance, or even a problem to those with allergies.

I will also show any interested piano owner how to access the lower case and perform future cleanings.  Many times, lost objects such as photographs, toys, or desk objects that have fallen into the piano action cause breakage of piano parts or strange sounds.  Sometimes, hidden objects may hinder certain notes from sounding at all. Most piano owners have never seen the inside of their piano, much less cleaned it.  As a result, the piano can become an abode for undesirable houseguests such as mice, moths, or spiders!  Moths and mice have damaged the felt-covered parts inside many pianos.

A complimentary cleaning includes safely cleaning exterior dust, fingerprints, and the piano back as well as the interior lower case, keys, and if necessary, the action.

The ordinary keybed can contain many allergens.

Keybeds can be another source of dust, grime, mold, mouse droppings, or even pet food.  Due to the time and labor required to remove each key, keybed cleaning is available, upon request, for an additional fee.

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