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Welcome Back Music Students!

As the exciting and heartwarming memories of the holidays linger in our homes, I would like to thank each new and returning music student for their lesson dedication.  As you perform the music you practiced over the Christmas season, there is a new sense of purpose and direction in your style.  It is exciting to see improvement each week and know that you love to learn.  I want to help each new piece become easy for you by the end of the lesson, so your focus can remain on improvements throughout the week.  As you lay a good foundation in note reading, timing, and lyric study, the interpretation, color, and expressiveness of style begins to glow.  Each practice day has led to improved musicianship, and there are remarkable jumps of skill on a weekly basis.  I am excited to be a part of your musical journey and look forward to working with you in 2016.




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Free Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio

Try this link to one of my personal favorites, a church-sponsored commercial-free-music-only web radio station, full of inspiring Christian music.  You can sample and buy CDs presented, from the station.  You will find instrumental, vocal, harp, and fully orchestrated pieces in styles ranging from “down home” to “classical” “just for fun” and “church”.

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio.

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Majesty Tunes – Magnify the Lord

Enjoy this special trio’s recording!  Since their marriage in 1979, Ray and Ann Gibbs have been a great musical team.  Their clear, pure style has led to work with the Metropolitan Opera, Pensacola Christian College, and international sacred concerts.  Together with their daughter, Christina, they present the orchestrated CD, “Magnify the Lord”, a collection of uplifting melodies that will keep you focused on “things that are above”.

Majesty Tunes – Magnify the Lord.

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Piano Lesson Gift Certificates ON SALE!

Give the gift of piano lessons toMP900289421 the budding musician or adult learner in your life. Today through January 10, 2013, a series of five one-hour piano or voice lessons can be purchased for $50.00 from Julia Race Music Services, a discount of 50%!

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What do you think? Read the Commission’s Report and get a glimpse of what may be on the horizion for Pennsylvania universities.

How do you think the November 14, 2012
Governor’s Advisory Commission on Postsecondary Education
will affect our local universities especially as concerns the “consolidation and elimination of programs and/or
institutions and their locations in the Commonwealth“,

and assessment:
“The assessment should include all sectors of postsecondary education in the Commonwealth including delivery at the Career and Technical Centers, Community Colleges, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), private and state-relatedinstitutions.”?Are we trying to save Pennsylvania money, or are we trying to reorganize our local schools to tighten state’s control? I do not teach music because I love money, but because I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the development of my students‘ music, thus influencing many other parts of life like worldview, theology, family, and values. With this trust comes a responsibility to be honest to my students and to my God, regardless of the money I make (or do not make) in the process. In my teaching experience, small, or individual lessons are best for fine arts, but small classes are usually under attack with consolidation. Also, as an independent teacher, I have the freedom to choose curriculum tailored to a student’s needs. With assessments and funding requirements for the above mentioned types of schools, I believe that freedom may be crimped for teachers in the average Pennsylvania university.  Finally, If universities consolidate classes, students may find themselves driving 50 miles, or more, instead of walking to class.  The personal financial strain may prove too much for far too many local students, forcing them to discontinue their education or find alternative solutions for post secondary education.

Read this and let me know what you think!

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Summer Piano Lessons Scheduled

Julia is now scheduling summer piano lessons for students who want to begin or continue their musical learning.  Summertime can be a great time for adult and young students to refresh their skills, rekindle a lost piano passion, begin a long-desired training time, or understand foggy piano concepts.  In the free lesson audition, Julia communicates with the students to discover their motivations, goals, and limitations to future lessons.  There is no pressure to continue lessons.  Many resources are presented in the free lesson audition that can assist the students to reach their goals.  Julia is dedicated to helping students and their families find comfortable and helpful music lesson situations taylored to their needs. 

On May 31st, the students of Julia Race will present a recital of their work in Lock Haven, P.A.  Please contact Julia through the “Contact Me” tab to schedule a free audition lesson or for directions to attend the recital.

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