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Piano Tuning by Julia

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Does your piano sound a little off key?  Do a few notes annoy you every time you play?  Are you concerned about the quality of your choir’s next recorded event?  Do you find that your ears rebel during piano practice?  Has it been six months or more since your piano was tuned last?  It may be time to schedule a piano tuning.  In our temperate climate, weather changes and sensitive woods in the piano affect the tension of the strings, causing variations in tone.  Most pianos should be tuned twice a year to adjust to the new changes in temperature and humidity.  If your piano causes your ears to suffer, contact Julia Race at (570) 295-0371 to schedule your piano tuning.

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Regulating Your Piano

By Newfound Pianos

“Piano Regulating Needs,
As a mechanical device, your piano’s “action” needs regular adjustment called “Regulating”. A regulated piano is more responsive to the demands of the pianist. Actions parts swell and shrink with humidity changes and it is not uncommon for a new piano to need regulating within the first year as parts begin to break in when used. Likewise all movable parts on any new or older piano show the effects of wear as the piano is used. Regulation is needed to compensate for the settling of cloth, felt and buckskin aside from the dimensional changes in wooden and wool parts due to changes in relative humidity. Small adjustments are common recommendations by your piano technician and should be accomplished in order to avoid unnecessary repairs and replacement of parts in order to avoid more frequent full scale regulations.”

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Time to call Julia?

“Next Time, I’m calling Julia Race.”

Experts agree that a piano should be tuned every six to twelve months, to keep it at its best performance.  To safeguard your musical investment, call Julia Race Music Services today at (570) 295-0371, to schedule your next piano tuning.

A piano technician, Julia provides a free professional cleaning with each scheduled tuning.  Julia is a graduate of the American School of Piano Tuning.

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